We offer a wide range of design and construction services that lead to beautiful spaces.

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Our Services

Interior Design & ArchitecturE

Rethinking Spaces
The heart and soul of our company, reshaping & designing spaces for optimal use.

Smart Home
We help  & advise our clients about the latest endless possibilities of the ‘Smart Home’.

Current mood, your mood. Tell us about your wildest dreams, and we will make it happen.

DETAILED Project Management

Scheduled & On Time
As a dedicated team, we take the lead in
organising, planning and delivering the project.

Transparant Budget
A good design brief always leads to a  detailed estimate, a summary of all costs that can be the right starting point. 

Project Brief
Every step we make, is based on our briefings. You can always see where we are heading, anytime, any place.

Our services are aligned to generate the best approach for our clients specific needs.

We love to build spaces that raise the right feeling, for any purpose ...

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Our Services

Technical Assistance

Power implementation
Our experts design the most optimal power grid for your needs.

Hvac implementation
Heating & Air-Conditioning optimalisation. Ventilation included.

Digital implementation
Internet network schedule. We design the most optimal solution based on your data needs.

Construction Coordination

On Site Follow-Up
We guide our dedicated professionals in planning and delivering their services within the required time frame.

Full Detailed Check-Ups
Final inspection and quality control at the construction site, detailed.

Problem Solving
Sometimes the planning is disrupted by external elements, we do everything we can to ensure that the project runs smoothly.

Black and white building site


Our dedicated team of selected contractors work by the high standards of every Bravosix project. 

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